Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Laravel – the Definitive Video Course

Test-Driven Development - Test-Driven Laravel

I’ve never been good at writing tests, I mean.. I was horribly bad at writing real tests. Sure, I knew how to write a test that ensured that a User model had a email attribute, but not actually real-world tests. Also, I’ve underestimated tests a lot:

Which I shouldn’t have, testing is the most efficient to ensure that your code works, after a large refactor or a new feature.

I’m sharing this because I think there are a lot of people like myself, that aren’t really writing real-world tests, but instead writes no tests, or useless tests.

Test-Driven Laravel, by Adam Wathan

Adam, has created this amazing video course where he goes from nothing to final product, doing it entirely by the TDD principle. You’ll be creating a ticket-platform (TicketBeast) in Laravel, which is of cause fully tested. Interestingly, I also learned some great concepts and methods for creating applications through watching this.

My favorite part of the courses, is the way Adam describes how to continue forward, in a manner that makes sense; even for someone who might not be as experienced in testing.

You will be granted access to a very active GitHub repository, containing the entire project, should you want to look at the final code.

This course is still in early access, which means its still under development, hence more content is added over time.

It may not be for you, but you can get a preview of the course, before spending any money, to decide if you’ll benefit from it.

Go grab the course

Final thoughts

I’m not done watching this course (how could I, it has not been completed.) and I’m learning something in almost every episode. Currently, I’m building a larger application, and before this course it had no tests at all. Now, almost every endpoint, event and command is fully tested. I’m not working towards 100% code coverage, but if I did, I’d almost be done soon.

This is somewhat of a odd post, usually I wouldn’t just be advertising products, this course however.. really worth it.

Note: This is NOT sponsored. I just really like the course.

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