Making PHPUnit Amazing with Emojis

PHPUnit is great as is, but what if you could replace the ordinary dots and letters, with emojis?! I know you want to.

Coderabbi, Yitzchok Willroth, has created a project that goes under the name “phpumoji“, which does this exact thing. You can even customize the emojis, and I’ve heard he’s working on more customizability. It’s hard not to love it.

You can check out phpumoji here.

It’s quite amazing.

To be honest, I’d probably not use it for large test suites (I can already imagine 2000 emojis flooding my console.. Lol.. Maybe I should 🤔)

However, when doing some smaller projects, I’d probably find myself setting this up, to make testing visually cooler.

Emoji in PHPUnit

Images stolen directly from Coderabbi’s Twitter.

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