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Whenever I go for a walk with my dog, I tend to pull out my phone, and listen to different tech podcasts (Usually Five-Minute Geek Show with Matt Stauffer, link below). However I often find it difficult to find great podcast about stuff that I care about. The discovery-features in iTunes/Podcasts on iOS really does nothing for me, haven’t found a single thing that I wanted to listen to. I’ve decided to create a collection here, and keep it somewhat updated as I discover more sources.

Tech Podcasts

Five-Minute Geek Show, by Matt Stauffer

If you’re interested in anything geeky, this is for you. Matt talks about business, personal health, development, community, workplaces and so much more. It’s my go-to source for mind-changing thoughts.

Full Stack Radio, by Adam Wathan

Interested in building great software products? This is for you. Hosted by Adam Wathan, this podcast is about product design, UX, unit testing and more. He’s joined by guests to talk about the subjects that they know best. You should really check this one out!

The Laravel Podcast, by Matt Stauffer

Another one by Matt, co-hosted by the creator of Laravel (Taylor Otwell) and Jeffrey Way, creator of Laracasts. Sitting at +50 episodes, with great guests and a length of usually +45 minutes, you can get some great insight, primarily about Laravel.

Bootstrapped, by Ian Landsman & Andrey Butov

+90 episodes of software bootstrapping and interesting guests, whats not to love? If you’re remotely interested in business strategies, startups, tech, development and similar topics, this is something I’d recommend you check out.

Dev Discussions, by Shawn McCool

Don’t let the amount of episodes scare you away from listening, this is still a great source of content related to primarily web development.

PHP Roundtable, by Sammy Kaye Powers

I really dig this format, because it features so many sources of input. You can easily find episodes featuring 3, 4 and even +5 guests. This is everything PHP, mixed with great guests and long episodes. Its amazing! They put it best themselves:

The PHP podcast where everyone chimes in.

Tech Blogs

Laravel News, by Eric L. Barnes

For anyone using Laravel, this is a absolute must to follow and read. It’s the official news site for Laravel. The content is great, created often and you won’t need to look for Laravel related news anymore if you subscribe to their newsletter.

Laravel Daily, by Web Coder Pro

Okay, I’m a little biased towards Laravel, I’m sorry. But this is another great source for Laravel related content. I’m aware that its a company rather than just a blog, but this site has a lot of great tutorials for Laravel and PHP in general. +100 (~9*21 pages) articles and they keep on coming.

Matt Stauffer’s Blog

I’ve already featured something by Matt ( /Five-Minute Geek Show/ ) and it’s hard not to also give his blog a visit, especially if you’re into Laravel. Most of the content is based on Laravel, and its mostly tutorials and news.

Adam Wathan’s blog

Adam Wathan is the creator of the TDD Laravel course, the Refactoring to Collections book and videos, and host of the podcast /Full Stack Radio/ (also featured above). If you’re interested in getting better at writing tests, this is absolutely the place to start.

Taylor Otwell on Medium

Taylor, the creator of Laravel, shares some great content about Laravel, PHP and related. You can get the latest news about Laravel directly from the creator himself and generally pick his mind, whenever he shares content about his thoughts and new releases.

Final thoughts

To me, podcasts in particular, can be a great learning platform. Not for deep and heavy content, but for insight and thoughts. It’s a great way to get some information about a subject, from another perspective. Have any recommendations for a source of great content? Shoot a comment, or tweet me @lasserafn, and I’ll look into adding it here. Thanks!

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